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Outside of the classroom as inside, campuses of all the institutions of Gopsai Avinandan Sangha are buzzing with activities. From concerts and art activities to sports, quiz, theatre plays and more, there’s always something exciting happening on campus.The campus nestled all the institutions mostly in Chandrakona Town; there are two more in Bhadutala & Chandrakona Road as well. All the campuses feel like home but with various options. What would really matter the most is that students will probably be amazed by the array of institutionally supported student activities available for your enrichment and enjoyment. Perhaps their biggest challenge is deciding how much extra time you have after studying and which added activities yield the greatest reward. Some of the glimpses are here.


Every year the Engineer’s day is celebrated on 15th September to commemorate the services of Bharat Ratna& Sir M. Visvesvaraya.The event is initiated with a working model making competition or of same kind of acitvity, participated by the students of the Institute. This is the day to remind the students to start feeling and role playing as young Engineers, right from their first year of engineering education sio that they can immerse themselves into becoming engineers on purpose.
Our college also felicitates local Engineers for their outstanding work for the society.


The World Pharmacist day is observed across the world on September 25 to promote their commitment to organise activities that promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health in all parts of the world. So did the students and teachers of PGIMS. The teachers explained and reminded the future pharmacist about their commitment towards the society.


Several workshops are conducted by the departments of Engineering and Management college of IST & PGIMS to encourage students to understand the practical scenario and to put them ahead of the syllabus-oriented learning. Some recent workshops and webinars conducted on following topis.

  • Issues in the real time systems
  • Zero to one – about entrepreneurship
  • computational studies of industry and research applications
  • Machine learning using Python.
  • CNC Machining Workshop
  • Foundation design & analyse using safe.


To keep the students abreast about the progress in healthcare, PGIMS organises various Seminars, Workshops, Webinars; also, guest lecturers are invited as a part of knowledge sharing programme. Certain topics that have been covered through various platforms last year were as below:

  • Pharmacy & Healthcare: A journey from traditional to today’s technology driven society”
  • Perspectives in Drug Discovery: Changing Paradigms”
  • Clinical Research Scenario in India”
  • Role of Pharmacovigilance to create Healthy India”
  • How to keep your community running during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Covid 19 vaccination.


Efforts were made to contact all the old students of this institution who are serving with in and outside the country. Alumni meet was organized on 19th Feb at Institute of Science & Technology, a unit of GopsaiAvinandan Sangha.


As a part of Annual Sports Event Celebrations , cricket and football Tournaments are conducted in sports & games for staff as well as students vis-à-vis. Annual sports of the institution is celebrated in January/February every year.


Cultural awareness and participation play an integral role in our student’s campus life.. Our cultural activities in campus has aim to give all students the opportunity to be involved in culturally enriching activities, to give those students with special talents a chance to extend themselves and to grow in their area of expertise, to expand our students’ appreciation of cultural activities. They conduct various cultural programmes like, dance, singing show, drama, elocution, debate, photography etc. Besides this, they also celebrate different days marked in calendar.Studentscelebrate birthdays of Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur etc. They also celebrate Saraswati Puja, Republic Day(26th January), Independence Day(15th August), Teachers’ Day(5th September), International Mother Language Day (21st February), Basanta Utsav, World Aids Day ( 1st December), World Blood Donors Day(14th June) etc.


Being active in various social work is another agenda of the students of this campus. Some of their activities are as below:

  • The Institute organises blood donation camp on regular interval with students’ and staff’s active participation and cooperation.
  • Students visit several make awareness campaign on several social & health issues amongst villagers.
  • Students also make educational survey in distinct villages under the supervision of the teachers.
  • Students took part in “ Swachchh Bharat Abhijan” mission and created awareness on basic cleanliness in remote villages.


IST College magazine namely ‘ELIXIR’ was published first in December ‘2014 with a good initiative of management, Faculties and student. All of them given their tireless efforts to come up with some new thinking & creativity. That tradition still continues, sometimes yearly, sometime once in two years. IST congratulates all of them who co-operate in different ways for publishing the College Magazine ‘ELIXIR’.


The department of Publishing and Printing is set up to provide the highest possible standard of excellence in copying, designing, printing and binding to all departments ofAll the institutions. The department exhibits high personal and organizational productivity & efficiency, extends co-operation and provides support for the institutional strategic objectives. The press offers the highest quality of services and maintains financial integrity or accountability and continuity of services. The house of publishing and printing of GAS is committed to the values of co-operation and communication, mutual departmental respect, creativity and innovation, excellence of service. It also supports Institutional and Departmental strategic goal & achievement by compiling research work for the development of new publications, preparing tertiary education handout and work books, producing quality magazines in all oriental and other languages, compiling of conference workshop and lecture presentation papers, printing of poster, pamphlets, brochures, programmes, invitation cards, circulars, council papers, printing of letter heads, envelopes, record books, register and other stationery, printing of receipt books, cash books, van log books, invoices, purchase orders, purchase and stores requisitions, goods received notes, etc, producing of report books, journals, examination papers and materials, printing of Library index cards, labels, stickers, binding of library books, note books, booklets, registers, publications, and carrying out lamination works.

Other facilies


The campus has a cafeteria where foods of various tastes and multiple cuisines are available. It has arrangements for lunch, snacks as well as refreshments both for the employees and students. There is also a cafe corner which remains open all day and serves tea, coffee, soups and other confectionary and bakery items.


24 Hours security service and electronic surveillance throughout the campus makes the campus secure and employee and students worry-free.


The campus has made provision of pure drinking water that gets purified by modern treatment technology using Filtration, Ion exchange and Reverse osmosis to cater the drinking water needs of all the students, staff members, supporting staff and the visitors.
The RO treated drinking water dispenser is made available at various locations that include Class Room Blocks, Laboratory Blocks, Administrative Block and other Centres.


The college auditoriums are well-structured and built up with all latest provisions. The entire auditorium has huge seating capacity and well-ventilated. Each auditorium is built with necessary modern equipments. They are enough spacious to welcome large number of audience on special occurrences. Auditoriums have perfect environment and ambiance for every presentation. They are designed to organize conferences, workshops, different academic events like symposiums, seminars, guest lecture etc.
The main aim behind designing an auditorium is to nurture the quality of education. We have five auditoriums including an open-air auditorium. Each auditorium except the open-air auditorium consists of white boards, LCD Projectors and Screens. Our six auditoriums are air-conditioned, consists of all modern equipments needed for projection, fast internet access and audio systems.


The seminar halls can comfortably accommodate 150 individuals and fully air-conditioned. It is fully equipped with modern technologies to hold conferences, meetings, concerts, presentations etc. All the four seminar halls are audio-visual enabled. It has internet access, high resolution projector, dais, podium, sound system with mikes and warm lights. It can host co-curricular activities, academic events and extracurricular activities. It is served for the purpose of learning.


The college always keeps the campus clean and green. A green campus infuses positive vibes. An eco-friendly college have cool environment. To keep the college eco-friendly, college has taken some initiative like

  • Lavish Garden- There are three lavish gardens in the college premises.
  • Solar Lamp Post- Solar lamp post minimize rate of pollution. It’s keen on community security. This is an eco-friendly and efficient alternative source of traditional lighting. This is a better way to conserve our natural resources. The paths of the college campus are rowed with solar lam post on both the sides.

The college gardens are maintained by the gardeners daily. The college campus encourages students towards the environment friendly behavior. The entire college campus consisted of 6 gardens and each of them is well maintained and also helps in keeping our students feel charming inside the college campus. Our college campus is plastic free. The biodegradable waste are deposited and used as fertilizers for plants and trees and non-biodegradable waste are buried under the soil. There is a high demand of water in our college to run the laboratories, canteen, dining, gardening purpose and toilets so the institution ensures to minimize the use of water through rain water harvesting. The rain water are collected from the roof of buildings, hostels, colleges, workshops and staff quarters and deposits in a pit which further purified in RO with capacity of 2000 liters. The waters are then used to drip water in the garden, in cleaning purpose etc.


The college provides vast premises for four and two wheelers parking for both the staffs and students. The car parking zone of teachers and students are separate. Both students and staffs who park their car have to maintain some certain rules and regulations prescribed by the institution. Honking horns are strictly prohibited in the campus and speed limit norms should be followed. The owner of the vehicle should carry a relevant government prescribed document inside the college campus.

CCTV Surveillance

Our colleges provide complete security and safety to everyone in the campus by providing 24*7 CCTV surveillance. Every actions and events are monitored under high definition CCTV cameras by the attendees to keep the environment and workplace safe. The CCTV cameras are installed in laboratories, front offices, stair cases, canteen, garden, entrance gate, common room, parking lots and supply rooms.


Our maintenance team is divided department wise and maintains all the equipments in the laboratories. The classrooms are cleaned every day; toilets are washed twice a day. Gardens are maintained, drinking water areas are kept clean. The maintenance team works selflessly and keeps the environment clean and safe.