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We have many academic units and the Teacher Education. You can choose from a variety of undergraduate and master’s degree programs

Prepares Leaders

Meld education, training and experience within our students, helping them expand their horizons, improve their career competitiveness and reach their full potential.

Prepares Educators

Prepares educators who teach at a wide variety of human service institutions, schools, colleges and universities as well as those employed by government agencies, businesses and industries.


We have well-equiped facilities.; i.e,Libraries, Labs, Big Campus. We conduct workshops and seminar for betterment of our students and faculties alike,

Faculty : All our Education Programmes/Courses are managed by Specialists in their respective fields, they are not just teachers; they are EDUCATORS. Among our talented educators, you will meet academic scholars; experts who advise top Indian corporations; the authors of important texts in technology and business; and intellectuals who develop fresh approaches in labour relations, information management, human resources, and many other fields. You will also learn from business leaders in the field, sharing their experience as presenters and guest lecturers. With serious students and talented teachers, you will become partners in pursuit of purposeful learning and experience.

"The teacher is of course an artist, but being an artist does not mean that he or she can make the profile, can shape the students. What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves.” – Paulo Freire

Education that Encourages Independent Thought : Our focus is on improving education so that students are encouraged to use and apply their knowledge, rather than merely learn facts and figures by rote. We are more concerned about the quality of education, wanting all children and adults to be afforded the opportunity to learn something useful and empowering. This kind of education enables students to analyse problems for themselves, and take up new opportunities. We apply this active and participatory approach to all our work, from exam setting and text book development, to teacher training. We support student-centred methods, and ensure that educational content is culturally relevant, enabling debate around gender norms, around discrimination against marginalised people, and also around peace building.

Locally Driven : We believe that the best education initiatives are ones that give local communities the opportunity to engage with new knowledge. We at Gopsai Avinandan Sangha do not impose our own view of education, but engage in action research in order to listen to and understand the needs of communities and their concerns and challenges relating to education.

Innovation and Testing : We constantly test and innovate our teaching systems and method. Our nurturing and industry-academia teaching environment gave us fruitful result all these years. Our facilities are equipped with modern infrastructure and advanced labs and libraries.